Shrubs & Trees

                  NEW ANNUALS


Gaura Sissiyou Pink, Deep rich pink flowers, height 24", zone 5

Grass Elijah Blue, Best known ornamental fescue, silvery-blue foliage forms a small, dense mound with flower spikes rising a foot above. Height 6-10", zone 4

Grass Hot Rod, Firmly upright blades emerge blue-green, reddening rapidly until the whole plant is a rich, deep maroon. An American native. Height 36-40", zone 4

Grass Malepartus, Extraordinarily large, abundant blooms emerge purplish pink, then mature to silver. Fall foliage segues through summer from medium green to deep bronze. Height 5-7', zone 5

Grass Siberfeder, Large, feathery seed heads rise high above graceful arching mounds of deep green blades with distinct silver midribs. Among the most cold hardy of the species. Height 6-7', zone 4

Grass Variegatus, A vintage cultivar, popular since the early 20th century. Arched white and green striped foliage creates wide mounds. Blooms mid September. Height 5-7', zone5

Hosta Wide Brim, Heart shaped leaves with blue-green centers and wide, irregular cream-colored borders. Light lavender to white flowers. 36"w x 24"h

Salvia Cardonna, Blue-violet florets on glowing purple stems. 24-30" tall, zone 5

Sedum Autumn Fire, Upright, like Autumn Joy, but with a denser and more robust habit. Flowers start blue-green and mature to pink then deep red and finally bronze., 24-30" tall, zone 3

Sedum Vera Jameson', Upright, blue-green early foliage turns rich bronze as season progresses. Pink flowers. 9-12" tall, zone 4

These are the plants I have ordered, that is not to say I will get them all.



Pearl Bush Snow Day Surprise, A flood of spring flowers, this new and improved pearl-bush comes form Herman Geers the breeder of Wine a& Roses Weigela. Large flowers, compact, broadly upright growth habit. Height 3-4', spread same, zone 4

Hydrangea Cityline Berlin, Clear pink colored flowers are the largest in the series, and quite long lasting, changing to an attractive green with age. Glossy green leaves exhibit and extremely high level of mildew resistance. Strong growing plant. Height 1-3', spread same, zone 5

Sambucus Lemon Lace, Showy new cut leaf elderberry with bright golden foliage and improved sunburn resistance. Lemon Lace elderberry in a colorful, shaggy mound of gold threads with red new growth. The foliage is more deeply cut than Sutherland Gold or Black Lace, resulting in a compact irregular mound with extremely fine texture. White spring flowers produce red fruit in fall. Requires some afternoon shade. Height 3-5', spread same, zone 3

Snowball Red Balloon, Showy and easy to grow, this compact, well branched hybrid makes a really sharp, well balanced appearance. White flowers appear in April and May. It has loads of bright red fruit, tightly packed into showy clusters in late summer and fall. Height 6-8', spread 6', zone 4




Shademaster Honeylocust, This outstanding thornless honeylocust is considered the best by many. A rapid grower, it is known for its straight trunk, symmetrical ascending branches and dark green foliage. This cultivar is essentially fruitless, with good resistance to drought. Height 50-60', spread 30-35', shape symmetrical, foliage dark green, fall foliage yellow, zone 4

Bur Oak, Native from Nova Scotia to Manitoba and south to Pennsylvania and Texas, this beautiful oak has attractive corky bark especially interesting in winter. A great xeriscape plant, it tolerates a wide range of soil types and air pollutants. 2001 Tree of the Year. GreatPlants for the Great Plains 2004. Height 60-80', spread 60-80', shape rounded, open, foliage dark green above, grayish beneath, fall foliage yellow-brown to purple, zone 3

                                                FRUIT TREES

Apple Grand Gala, A larger version of the Stark Royal Gala that gives you more sweet bites to savor. Great for all uses. Resists cedar apple rust. Ripens in late August. Supreme Semi Dwarf, zone 5

Starkrimson Gala, Looks as good as it tastes! These apples feature gorgeous, shiny red-striped skin that colors early. You can choose between picking sooner for optimal storage life (up to 4 months) or bringing the fruit to mouth watering perfection on the tree. This variety is sweet, aromatic and juicy and the perfect size for snacking. Also delicious in crisps, cobblers and pies. Good resistance to insects and diseases. Ripen in late August or early September. Supreme Semi-Dwarf, zone 5

Apple Super Red Fuji, Our improved version of everyone;s favorite apple. This hardy tree produces impressive crops of brightly colored, uniformly sized apples. The fruit is perfect for fresh eating, cooking or canning and will keep well if stored properly. Ripens in late October. Supreme Semi-Dwarf, zone 5

Peach Elberta Queen, A sweet treat that's perfect for canning. This variety produces bigger, sweeter, firmer peaches. Try canning or freezing so you can enjoy them all year. Ripens in August. Self-pollinating. Zone 5