Shrubs & Trees

* Indicates new plant for 2014

Asparagus, Jersey Knight
Broccli, Packman
*Brussel Sprout, Jade Cross
Cabbage, Golden Acre
*Cabbage, Red Acre
Cantaloupe, Ambrosia
Cantaloupe, Hale's Best
Cauliflower, Snow Crown
*Cucumber, Eureka (for pickling)
Cucumber, Sweet Slice
Cucumber, Sweeter Yet
Cucumber, Straight 8
Cucumber, Tasty Green
Eggplant, Black Beauty
*Kohlrabi, Grand Duke
Onion, Big Daddy (plants)
*Onion, Candy (plants)
Onion, Golden Globe (sets)
Pepper, Anaheim
Pepper, Ancho
Pepper, Bell Boy
Pepper, Big Bertha
Pepper, Calif. Wonder
Pepper, Colossal
Pepper, Early Sunsation
Pepper, Fooled You
Pepper, Garden Salsa
*Pepper, Goliath Jalapeno
Pepper, Gormet
Pepper, Jalapeno
*Pepper, Keystone Giant
Pepper, King Arthur
Pepper, Mucho Nacho
*Pepper, NuMex Big Jim
*Pepper, Purple Beauty
Pepper, Serrano
*Pepper, Spicy Slice
Potato, Red Cheiftain
Potato, Yukon Gold
Pumpkin, Howden
*Pumpkin, Autumn Gold

Rubarb, Canada Red
Strawberries, Everbearing Quinalt
Strawberries, June Bearing Sequoia
Squash, Acorn Autumn Delight
Squash,  Butternut
Squash, Early Prolific
Squash, Zucchini
Squash, Spaghetti
Tomato, 4th of July
Tomato, Beefsteak
*Tomato, Better Boy
*Tomato, Big Boy

Tomato, Celebrity
Tomato, Cherokee Purple
Tomato, Early Girl
Tomato, Goliath
Tomato, Fantastic (canning)
Tomato, Jet Star
Tomato, Juliet
Tomato, Lemon Boy
Tomato, Park's Whopper
Tomato, Roma
Tomato, Super Sweet 100 (red cherry)
*Turnip, Purple Top
*Watermelon, Black Diamond
Watermelon, Charleston Grey


Cilantro, Calypso
Parsley, curly
Parsley, Flat Leaf
Sweet Basil

           SEEDS & SUCH

Vegetable Seeds  (I have seeds in bulk this year)
Onion Plants and onion sets
Asparagus Roots
Anything I can think of that you might like to grow in your garden.

           7-29-08Sweet Baby Girl  7-29-08      Big Bertha 7-29-08
Anaheim Pepper 7-29-08   Early Goliath  7-29-08Jet Star Tomato 7-29-08