Shrubs & Trees
  • *Indicates new plant for 2017

    *Agave & Aloe Asst.
    Ageratum, Blue Danube
    Angelonia, Serena Mix
    Argyranthemum, Butterfky Yellow
    Argyranthemum, Sassy White
    Asparagus fern
    Bacopa, Double Snowball
    Bacopa, Gulliver Blue
    Bacopa, Snowtopia
    Begonia, Bada Bing Mix
    Begonia, Dragon Wing Red
    Begonia, Barkos Red
    *Begonia, Gryhon
    *Begonia, Louise
    *Begonia, Illumination Mix

    Begonia, Santa Cruz Sunset
    Begonia, Surefire Rose
    Bidens, Yellow Charm
    *Calibrochoa, Lemonaid
    *Calibrochoa, Passion Pink
    *Calibrochoa, Red                      
    *Calibrochoa, Polar Pink            
    *Calibrochoa, Royal Purple        
  • *Canna, Cannova Mango
    *Canna Cannova Orange Shades
    *Celosia, Dragon's Breath
    Cerveca N Lime
    Coleus, all Mixed Up
    *Coleus, Super Rainbow Multicolor
    *Coleus, Wizard Mix
    Dahlberg Daisy, Golden Fleece
    Dahlia Figaro Mix
    *Dianthus Super Parfait Raspberry
    Dusty Miller, Silver Dust
    *Echeveria Asst.  (Succulent Asst.)
    Euphorbia, Glamour
    Fuchsia Blue Eyes
    Fuchsia Southgate
    Gazania, New Day Mix
    Geranium, Contessa Burgundy (ivy)
    Geranium, Contessa Lavender (ivy)
    Geranium, Contessa Purple (ivy)
    Geranium, Regal (Martha Washington)
    Geranum, Regal Pink on Pink
    Geranium, Americana Dark Red
    Geranium, Americana Light Pink Splash
    Geranium, Americana Orchid
    Geranium, Americana Salmon
    *Gerbera Daisy, Jaguar Formula Mix
    Gomphrena, Gnome Pruple

  • Helichrysum, Licorice Plant
    Heliotrope, Fragrant Delight
    Hypoestes, Splash Mix
    Ice Plant (2 varieties)
    Impatiens, Accent Premium  Mix
    *Impatiens, Double Silhouette Appleblossom
    *Impatiens, Double Silhouette Salmon
    Impatiens Sunpatiens Compack Hot Coral
    Ipomea Ace of Spades
    Ipomea Blackie
    Ipomea Margarita
    Lantana, Bandana Cherry Sunrise
    Lantana, Bandana Lemon Zest
    Lantana, Bandana Pink
    Lantana, Bandana Red
    Lemon Grass
    Lobelia, Techno Heat Dark Blue
    Lobelia, Techno Heat Electric Blue
    *Lobelia, Techno Heat Violet
    *Lobularia Lavender Yolo
    Lophospermum Wine Red
  • Marigold, Inca II Mix
    Marigold, Janie Mix
    *Nemisa. Babycakes Sunshine
    Orn Grass, Blue Mohawk
    *Orn. Grass, Cypress Baby Moses
    Orn. Grass, Pennisetum,  Rubrum
    *Orn. Grass, Pennisetum, Cherry Sparkler
    *Orn. Grass, Pennisetum, Fireworks
    *Orn. Millet, Purple Majesty
    *Ornamental Pepper Sangria
    Osteospermum, Asti Mix
    *Osteospermum, Margarita Orange Flare
    Pansy, Delta Premium Blotch Mix
    *Pentas, Graffiti Mix
    *Petchoa Blue
    Petchoa Neon Rose
    *Petchoa Purple
  • Petunia, Candypops Blue
    Petunia, Candypops Burgandy
    Petunia, Candypops Red
    *Petunia, Cascadias Bicolor Cabernet
    Petunia, Cascadias Rim Magenta
    *Petunia Crazytunia Citrus Twist
    *Petunia, Crazytunia Passion Punch
    Petunia, Double Artist Mix
    *Petunia, Peppy Cerise
    *Petinua, Perfectunia Mandarin
    *Petunia, Sanguna Blue
    Petunia Sanguna Brugundy
    Petunia, Sanguna Pearl White
    *Petunia, Sanguna Salmon
    Petunia, Supercascade Mix
    *Petunia, Surfina Wild Plum
    *Petunia, Tidal Wave Hot Pink
    *Petunia, Tidal Wave Pruple
    *Petunia, Tidal Wave Red Velour
  • Petunia, Supertunia Bordeaux
    *Petunia, Supertunia Daybreak Charm
    Petunia, Supertunia Limoncello
    Petunia, Supertunia Raspberry Blast
    *Petunia, Supertunia Really Red
    Petunia, Supertunia Royal Velvet
    Petunia, Supertunia Vista Bubblegum
    Petunia, Supertunia Vista Silverberry
    *Phlox, Gisile Lt Lavender
    *Phlox, Gisile Pink

  • Portulaca, Sundial Mix
    *Purslane. Bright Pink
    Purslane, Big Bloom Evening Wine
    Purslane, Big Bloom Gold
    Purslane, Big Bloom Red
    *Purslane, Big Bloom Scarlet
  • *Salvia, Splendens Saucy
    Salvia, Evolution Deep Violet
    Salvia, Vista Red
    Scaevola Blue Fan Flower
    *Scaevola Bombay Pink
    Snapdregon Arrow Mix
    Snapdragon, Montego Mix
    Stocks, Cinderella Mix

  • *Sempervivum Asst (Hen & Chick Asst)
    Swediah Ivy
    *Succulent Asst.
    Thunbergia, Alata (Black Eyed Susan Vine)
    Torenia, Kauai Deep Blue
  • Verbena, Lanai Premium Candy Cane
    *Verbena Lanai Premium Twister Burgundy
    Verbena, Lanai Premium Twister Pink
    Verbena, Lanai Premium Twister Purple
    Verbena, Lanai Premium Twister Red
    Verbena, Lanai Red
    Verbena, Lanai Royal Purple w/eye
    Verbena, Lanai White
    Vinca Vine
    Vinca, Pacifica XP Hal Mix
    Wandering Jew
    Zinnia, Dreamland Mix
    Zinnia, Profusion Sunrise Mix
    Zinna, Zahara Mix

      I grow as many varieties from seed as possible, but there are some plants I cannot get seed for, such as Calibrochoa, Lantana and Purple Fountain Grass. Also some things just do not do well from seed so I buy cuttings, such as Sweet Potato Vine. I still believe one reason my plants do so well is that I start as many as possible from seed. The ones that I have to buy plants for get the same tender love and care that all my plants get. My fore-most goal is to grow the strongest, healthiest plant possible so when you plant it in your flower bed or container it takes off and thrives.

     Snapdragon, Rocket       Vinca, Pacifica        Vinca, Pacifica
       Petunia & Stocks       Impatiens, Elfin         Wave Petunias
        Impatiens, Elfin         Coleus, Rainbow        Begonia, Bada  Mix