Shrubs & Trees

                Hello, and welcome to my website. I am so happy you came to see what I have. I hope you will look at everything. I really try to have complete lists but I usually do forget something. Any way you can see by the length of the lists that I have a very good selection to choose from and am always trying to expand to include more varieties of plants. So explore the website, but more importantly come in person and explore all Mona's Market has to offer you.


                BUSINESS HOURS

            9:00 TO 5:30 Mon. thru Sat.
               1:00 to 4:00 Sunday

We open around April 1, depending on the weather
and hold regular hours through June 31. From July 1
throughout the summer and fall just call before you
come. If I am here I am open. 785*475*3921 Cell 785*470*7265


                           EVERY BLOOMIN' THING UNDER THE SON!

               Ye Ole Potting Shed                Snapdragon, Rocket
  Delphinium, Pacific Giant          Swedish Ivy    Strawberry Crush Rose