Shrubs & Trees
 My first big greenhouse built in 2005. It is now a store where we sell planters, irrigation, soil, fertilizer, etc.
Second greenhouse bought from Carolyn Rippe in Oberlin. We use this to set back plants that are bought but picked up later.
                                    Perennial house built in summer of 2008
This is the new greenhouse built the winter of 2011-2012. It is 30X100. Holds lots of plants!                                     
                  New building. I didn't know if we would ever fill it, but we did!
                               This is the second big building we built.  It is 20' X 96'.
                                               Another view of the 20X96 house.

Regal Geraniums better known as Martha Washington Geraniums. Pretty by any name!

I hope you enjoyed your tour of Mona's Market and I hope you will come in person. I read up on the plants I start and try to select plants that will do well in this climate. The only way I will succeed is if you do.

I start just about everything from seed, I do not use growth regulators or hormones to promote blooming. I think this makes a much healthier plant, ready to transplant into your own garden or pots.

The greenhouses are in my backyard and I am almost always here. I will keep regular hours in April, May, June, and September.  During the summer call ahead and make sure I am here. Try more than once, I could be on the mower and not hear the phone. I appreciate feed back from people who visit the greenhouses or the web site. My email is amlongr@yahoo.com.

Thank you again for visiting my website and I hope to see you or hear from you.